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Mini Champs… play with me (parental involvement)

16 Months – 2 Years (35 min)

  • Mini Champs is a fun and interactive pathway offering a range of educational activities in a
    playful and entertaining program
  • We rotate through a series of activities teaching your child the basics of sharing, cooperation and simple routines
  • Each child develops at their own pace as they learn from each other through play, song and group activities choosing to interact with the other children or play alongside each other as their skills and behaviour progresses through new experiences and social awareness

Little Champs… guide me (parental involvement)

2 – 4 Years (40 min)

  • Little Champs fosters self-confidence and independence whilst developing balance, coordination and important social skills
  • Focusing on cognitive development, teaching the grounding foundations of left from right, front and back, basic colours and numbers
  • Greater attention on following instructions is placed in a fun and engaging way
  • Emphasis on development of gross motor skills locomotor movement and non locomotor in a playful yet educational setting

Chief Champs…watch me (parental involvement welcome)

4 – 6 Years (45 min)

  • Chief Champs is an independent self coordinating set of rapid paced activities
  • Attention on team work and sportsmanship is placed
  • Encouragement to build on leadership, social and listening skills
  • Activities are further developed

We encourage all Carers to participate in activities with their children, in particular if your child’s preferred learning method is through observation, assisting them will help them gain the confidence they need to develop and participate in their own time

*Please ensure a drink of water, in a non-spill container is brought to classes

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