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CAMBA Kids-Little Champs


Term 2 [10  Weeks]

Monday 23rd April-Sunday 1st July

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Camba Kids Little Champs  45 Min

Little Champs Sports Club provides a Multi Sports Program for children aged between 16 months to 6 years giving young children the opportunity to learn, experience and interact with children their own age through active play. Our Programs are an introduction to sports in a fun, team-based non-competitive environment.

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Lynden Park Scout Hall

11 Stornoway Road, Camberwell VIC 3124

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CAMBA Kids- 10 Week Class
Sunday 10:20am
Mixed Champs 45 Minute Class    Per Class $15.45 + GST $17.00

CAMBA Family Discounts;camba

  • Twins                (or 2 Kids)   $  40 Voucher
  • Triplets             (or 3 Kids)   $  60 Voucher
  • Quadruplets    (or 4 Kids)   $  80 Voucher
  • Quintuplets     (or 5 Kids)   $100 Voucher


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Mini Champs

16 Months – 2 Years

Little Champs

2 Years – 4 Years

Chief Champs

4 Years – 6 Years