How we do it

Little Champs Sports Club provides a Multi Sports Program for children aged between 16 months to 6 years giving young children the opportunity to learn, experience and interact with children their own age through active play. Our Programs are an introduction to sports in a fun, team-based non-competitive environment.

How We Do it?

  • Through a fun and interactive program
  • Classes consist of no more than 12 children per class with a  a minimum of 1 Coach

Make up Classes

  • Make up classes can be used in any of our locations with prior arrangement.
  • If you are unable to utilise your make up classes during your current Term they can be transferred into the following Term providing you are Enrolled for that Term and your Term Fees are paid in full.

Term  Fees Include

  • Attendance Award- Brought along weekly to receive an attendance stamp
  • End of term Ribbon
  • End of Term Award

The last day of each Term we complete End of Term Activities including Class Photo & Ribbon Presentation

We encourage all Carers to participate in activities with their children, in particular if your child’s preferred learning method is through observation, assisting them will help them gain the confidence they need to develop and participate in their own time

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